This Week in Food Blogs: Hand-Pulled Noodles, Hot Dogs and Father’s Day Ideas


This week is food blogs …

Serious Eats went around Chinatown looking for the neighborhood’s best hand-pulled noodles.

Salon delves into the history of the hot dog and discovers how it became one of this country’s most iconic foods.

Marion Nestle of the Atlantic Food Channel takes a look at the 12 most pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables.

Eater sits down with Seersucker owners Robert Newton and Kerry Diamond to talk about business a year after opening on Smith Street.

The Daily Meal gives 10 great suggestions about how to beef up Father’s Day.

Meanwhile, Gothamist comes up with a list of restaurants in New York City that are offering special meals and deals for Father’s Day.

Zagat Buzz convinces Daniel Boulud to allow them to follow him around Épicerie Boulud and Boulud Sud with a video camera.

Grub Street highlights the latest thing to come out of Brooklyn’s food scene: artisanal saltwater taffy.

Brokelyn gives five tips on how to turn your cheap, crappy wine into delicious summer cocktails.

CHOW looks at the latest health-food craze — coconut water — and examines whether it’s really good for you.