Where to Take Dad for Father’s Day? Ask the Chefs!


Unlike Mother’s Day, which is basically synonymous with “brunch,” Father’s Day isn’t really a foodie holiday. But Dad still probably wants to get wined and dined by his brood, no? But where to take him for his special day? Rather than dole out our own suggestions, we asked several New York City chefs where they’d take their father for Father’s Day. Excluding their own restaurants, naturally.

“I would love to take my father, Scott, to Soto, the two-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant here in New York. There is no menu to choose from, so we can sit back, talk quietly, and enjoy unpretentious, amazing food.” –Jesse Schenker, Recette

“I would bring [my dad] to Fedora because he loves tongue, he loves fried chicken, and he loves steak, and they serve the best fried chicken, the best tongue, and the best steak I’ve had under one roof. Their rice is also spectacular. I could eat it for days on end.” –Daniel Holzman, the Meatball Shop

“I would take [Dad] to Maialino at the Gramercy Park Hotel. I grew up in an Italian-American family that loved food. Pastas, roast pork, and big Italian wines were my dad’s favorites. After dinner, maybe a double espresso and a grappa at Rose Bar.” –Alfred Portale, Gotham Bar and Grill

“I would take my dad to Yankee Stadium for Father’s Day to eat in all the different venues they have from the executive suites to the hot-dog stand. We would make our rounds through the stadium eating everything from bar snacks and barbecue to fresh oysters and rack of lamb. My dad is a lifelong Yankees fan and I know it would be the best surprise to take him around to not only see the stadium from different views but to feast on the variety of food at the new stadium.” –Chris Leahy, Lyon

“If I could take my dad anywhere for Father’s Day it would be Battery Gardens. It’s on the southern tip of Manhattan and has an outdoor bar and dining area. My father spends most of his time on his boat and loves the water. I think he would enjoy having a couple Jamesons and watching the boats go by. Maybe having some steak or seafood. This dinner would be more about the company and setting than the food, but I’m sure he would be happy.” –John Mooney, Bell Book & Candle

“I would take my dad to Daniel — there really isn’t a better meal than that. My dad also loves the formality, he was a huge fan of Le Cirque when it was there. However, this year we will be 12 people with kids and therefore are going to Benoit, which should be great for our big group.” –Kerry Heffernan, South Gate

“I would take my father to a few restaurants in Brooklyn, such as Brooklyn Fare, and do a restaurant hop. He was born there and left in the early ’60s, so it would be fun to show him how much the neighborhoods have changed.” –David Burke, David Burke Kitchen

“If I were to take my father anywhere in the city, it would probably be the new Alfama. My father isn’t a very adventurous eater but he is very proud of his Portuguese heritage. So I think that would be the perfect fit for he and I to relax and enjoy good food and conversation.” –David Santos, Hotel Griffou

“I would take my dad to Carnegie Deli because he visited New York in high school and college and he always went there. It’s one of his first New York memories.” –Andrew Burman, Court Street Grocers

“I would take him to Fette Sau in Williamsburg. It’s nice and casual, the barbecue is top-notch, [there’s a] great beer selection, and if there’s a game on they usually have it playing on the television. What’s better than sharing a beer and some barbecue with your dad on Father’s Day?” –Todd Macdonald, Villa Pacri