Anthony Weiner Target of Fake Twitter Accounts; Convict Says Amanda Knox Is Innocent


    • There’s evidence that at least one person was involved in creating two fake Twitter accounts with the intent to gather information about Anthony Weiner, the Times reports. One phony account was of an alleged 16-year-old girl who tried to get Weiner to be her prom date; another one posed as the first girl’s classmate. Whoever is behind these accounts contacted #bornfreecrew, the conservative watchdogs who kept a close eye on Weiner’s Twitter behavior in recent months, but never gave them any information. They did, however, question other women they suspected of having contact with Weiner, like Ginger Lee and Gennette Cordova. Cordova said “there was something weird about it.” [NYT]
    • An Italian prison inmate testified that a fellow convict confessed that Amanda Knox, the American student convicted last year of killing her roommate in Italy, is innocent. The inmate, Mario Alessi, testified that Rudy Guede, who was also convicted in connection with the murder, told him Knox isn’t guilty of the crime. [CNN]


  • Another day, another brutal attack caught on tape. This time it’s a man in Washington Heights who attacked a 29-year-old woman in an elevator in an attempt to steal her cell phone. The whole thing was recorded on surveillance video. The same guy is wanted for two other cell phone muggings in the area. Criminals! They’re dumb. [Gothamist via NY1]
  • One person is dead and seven are wounded after a gunfight in East New York last night. [NYP]
  • Stephen Colbert’s Northwestern commencement speech is pretty good, as far as these things go. [Vulture]
  • People named Phil Campbell from all over the world are traveling to Phil Campbell, Alabama to help rebuild after tornadoes devastated the town, leaving half of its families homeless. [ABC]
  • Tara Reid is on Twitter. An auspicious beginning, [sic] throughout: “I’m just learning how tp work twitter it is so much fun but I have very little contacts ass me and tell your friends thanks, Tara xoxo.”