Greg Ball, New York State Senator, Polls Twitter On Gay Marriage Vote


As we’ve reported before, gay marriage legislation could come to a vote in Albany as early as Monday. Some state senators are still on the fence, including Greg Ball, a Republican from New York’s 40th district who seemed like a probable “no” as of a few days ago. Last night he took to Twitter to poll the Internet on how he should vote; so far the responses are overwhelmingly positive, with barely any people saying no. Not a bad stunt, especially if Ball actually incorporates the Twitter responses into his decision.

This is one of the only negative responses I could find, from the appropriately-named @JesusFreak42:

Nearly everything else is more along these lines:

And the “yes” responses keep rolling in by the hundreds. Does this mean a state politician is actually listening to his constituents? If you want to pitch in, tweet your answer to @ball4ny.

(Thanks to Steven Thrasher for the tip!)