Exploring the New York Times’ Unconventional Family Infographic


The New York Times has a pretty well-done interactive infographic this weekend, attached to a story about an unconventional Brooklyn family. Our country’s demographics skew increasingly toward the non-traditional; the days of 2.4 kids and a dog are no longer. The infographic shows you how many other households in the U.S. are like yours. I toyed with it so we can visualize some uncommon arrangements.

The family in the story

The family featured in the story “Baby Makes Four, and Complications” consists of a woman who had a child by her friend via in-vitro fertilization. The bio father of the child splits time between her and the kid and his partner. Note the gender-neutral way this infographic denotes “housemate or roommate,” with an odd combination of Anna Wintour pageboy and footie pajamas.

Female blogger with two roommates

Average yearly income for this type of household is less than $30,000. Um!

Two and a Half Men

The Duggar family

The Duggars managed to break the infographic. Couldn’t even get half of their kids on there!

What arrangements can you come up with? The Bridget Jones (single female)? The Will and Grace (single male, single female)? The Hoarder (single female or male, 100 cats)?

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