It’s Fathers’ Day; Obama and Boehner Golf Together; Four Die in Montauk-Bound Cessna


  • Today is Father’s Day! Call your Dad and grill something.
  • Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner had a friendly lil’ round of golf yesterday with Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich, and it fixed America. [The Atlantic Wire / Politico]
  • A Manhattan family died yesterday in a small plane bound for Montauk when the plane attempted an emergency landing and crashed. Keith Weiner, 63, his wife Lisa, 51, their daughter Isabel, 14, and her friend Lucy Walsh, also 14, were all killed. It’s still unclear what prompted the accident. [NYP]
  • Pip, the hawk baby born on top of NYU’s library, is expected to start flying any day now. [City Room]
  • Hugh Hefner is on to the next one. His new main girl is thought to be Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund. She appears to be another iteration of the typical Hef-harem member.[TMZ]
  • Yet another publication has discovered the totally new phenomenon of sexting. [NYDN]
  • Five people have been injured in a shooting on Nostrand Avenue and Fenimore Street in Brooklyn, coming less than a day after a shooting in East New York killed one and injured eight. [Gothamist]
  • Paula Abdul and Salman Rushdie have the same birthday, i.e. today. [Dlisted]