Japanese Environmentalist Turns Human Waste into Hamburger


Trust the Japanese to fully explore the psychosexual potential of food. And by “sexual,” we mean “fecal.” According to Gizmodo and Inhabit, Mitsyuki Ikeda of the Environmental Assessment Center in Okayama, Japan, has invented a way to turn human feces into hamburger. Could anything be more cringe-worthy?

He begins with a product euphemistically called “sewage mud,” extracts the protein and fat, adds soy and steak sauce, and “explodes” it into strips of meat — that look remarkably like turds. He then puts the strips into a bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments. Looks more like a steak sandwich to us.

Is this process practical, and would consumers go for it? It seems to at least be partly a stunt on the part of the Environmental Assessment Center to attract attention. But, still, since according to some estimates one-fifth of the earth’s total pollution comes from meat production, maybe Ikeda is on to something.

Thanks to @tracyjane for the links.