“Very Crispy Gangsters” Suspected in East New York Shooting


The shooting at a house party in Brooklyn Friday night that killed one man and injured eight is suspected to be gang-related. Specifically a gang called the “Very Crispy Gangsters,” which is a real name for a real gang. It would be almost funny if they weren’t going around shooting people.

The “Freaky Friday” house party, which took place on Wyona Street in East New York, descended into violence in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The party was packed and chaotic, and an argument started when two men bumped into each other on the stairs. A gunfight broke out; one witness told the Daily News, “It was a massacre. It was like a zombie movie. People just staggering all bloody.” The Post reports: “The armed madman then fired at random as he made his way to the back yard, leaving behind a trail of wailing, begging and stampeding partygoers… Some in the crowd broke down a 6-foot-tall wooden fence and draped sarongs over glass shards topping a cement wall next door as they vaulted to safety… Some even left their shoes behind… After leaving the yard, the gunman re-entered the house and started shooting again.” One man, 20-year-old Donzell Rogers, was killed, and seven other men ranging in age from 17 to 33 were injured.

NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly indicated that the Very Crispy Gangsters were probably involved. They were also suspected in the shooting of a 10-year-old boy last year, and they appear to be engaged in a turf war with two other local gangs, the Rock Stars and the Sutter Garden Crips. East New York gangs suck at naming themselves, and three men have been taken into custody.

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