Butter Lane Takes a Cue From Its Big Gay Neighbor and Starts Selling Ice Cream


Seems that Butter Lane is getting a few ideas from its new neighbor, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

A friend sent us this photo advertising the cupcake shop’s newly available Blue Bell ice cream selection. Blue Bell is a venerable Texas brand that traces its origins to 1907, when it began life as the Brenham Creamery Company. It is sold in 19 states, mostly throughout the South. So why is it being sold on East 7th Street?

According to a Butter Lane employee, one of the store’s owners is from Texas and wanted to start selling Blue Bell. “It’s for the summer,” the employee said. “After that, we’re not sure, but this is a trial run. The owner had wanted to start with the ice cream and see how it would go.”

Given that the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop will soon open 15 feet away, technically in the same building as Butter Lane, the cupcake shop’s decision to branch out in this fashion is, well, interesting. When we observed that between the two businesses, East 7th Street will be getting a lot of ice cream, the Butter Lane employee said, “I know!” and laughed. Whether their new neighbor will view such a coincidence as a laughing matter is likely another story.