Creative Quote-Blurbing From Spider-Man


You’ll remember my mixed to negative review of Broadway’s troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Well, if not, here it is again.

Guess what? It got quoted in the ads!

Guess what? They made it sound like a rave!

The show’s promotional materials quote me as saying “Spectacular and thrilling” — but while I did use those words, they were hardly in the same sentence, and it would be impossible to accurately quote them without a lot of dot-dot-dots in between.

My fuller, more accurate quotes were:

“Spectacular and dull at the same time.”

And …

“Simultaneously thrilling and yawn inducing.”

Just like someone swooped in and edited the show itself, the Spidey team has taken a creative hatchet to the reviews, too.

And it’s simultaneously nervy and appalling.