Never Let It Be Said That “Weird Al” Yankovic Doesn’t Take Pop Music Seriously


It’s been apparent since his earliest days that “Weird Al” Yankovic is willing to go the extra miles to properly pay tribute to the pop artists he’s parodying, from the pounds and pounds of extra weight he put on in the “Bad” homage “Fat” to the way he risked choking on a marble while trying to recreate Kurt Cobain’s strangled delivery in “Smells Like Nirvana.” But—and this is probably extremely appropriate, given who he’s parodying here—his clip for the Lady Gaga take-off “Perform This Way” goes the extra mile and then some, with meticulous recreations of some of Gaga’s most famous paparazzi-chronicled getups as well as a few ideas for future costumes of hers. (Popdust has helpfully chronicled each of the specific outfits parodied by Al, running down when they appear and what they’re referencing.) My reaction to the clip was a combination of slack-jawed amazement-slash-wonder at just how those costumes were designed and squirminess at how utterly skimpy some of them were. Mission accomplished?

Really glad that the poke-your-eye-out sound effect from “Fat” made another appearance here, by the way.