Pulque a Big Hit With Mexican Hipsters; Congress Makes Cuts to Food Safety Program


Young Mexico City hipsters are reviving an old Aztec drink called pulque, made by fermenting the heart of the blue maguey plant. [Washington Post]

Produce can be certified organic by the USDA even if it’s sprayed with pesticides, as long as the chemicals are derived from nature. [NPR]

Small, artisanal producers are trying to bring back a British classic, marmalade, with seasonal fruit and unusual ingredients like yuzu. [WSJ]

Even a large salmonella scare wasn’t enough to persuade Congress not to cut the FDA’s budget by 21 percent, including cuts to nutrition and food-safety programs. [ABC]

The Meatless Mondays movement that’s taken off across the United States is especially popular in Aspen, Colorado. [NY Times]