Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner, Loves a Good Tie, Hoodie


Today’s edition of Women’s Wear Daily profiles the style of a somewhat unlikely fashion character, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. On a night out on the East River, Kelly sports “a charcoal Martin Greenfield hand-tailored suit” with a “Charvet tie, so pink it practically reflects the faraway Pepsi-Cola sign,” which he proceeds to rave about. “A tie is the only true way men can make some sort of statement,” Kelly insists, citing Barack Obama as another fan of the high-end French label. “I can tell when someone’s wearing Charvet from a distance — even dark colors stand out.” Detectives in his NYPD, he says, “are looking better than ever before” and “that probably makes them work better.” But at the gym, he dresses down: “I’m a big hoodie fan.” [WWD]