Teen With Learner’s Permit Hits Nevins Street Subway Station


Learning to drive can be an embarrassing experience. One or both of your parents is in the car with you clinging to the armrests for dear life, you are being cursed relentlessly by surrounding drivers, and your mistakes are very public. That’s why we kind of pity this kid who crashed into the Nevins Street subway station in Brooklyn yesterday. The teenager was driving with his father on Flatbush Avenue when he, according to the New York Post, “lost control, jumped the curb and smashed into the railing and sign.”

Now, obviously someone could have gotten seriously hurt (and one person in the car was taken to the hospital with “minor injuries”), but we feel like cutting this boy a little bit of slack because driving in New York City can be a harrowing experience for anyone, he has a learner’s permit, and at least he didn’t react in the same way as a girl in Los Angeles who hit a taco stand earlier this month. After the accident, she and her friend tried to run away on foot while her father attempted to make a getaway in the car.

We would hate to be on the road with anyone associated with that family.