The City’s Strangest Pizza? The 900 Degrees at 900 Degrees


Guess what’s on it! (Click on image to enlarge.)

900 Degrees is the city’s latest newfangled pizza parlor, descended from Tony’s Pizza Napolitana, one of the first establishments to bring Neapolitan-style pies to San Francisco two years ago. Now you can taste that ur-pie and a couple dozen others, many wildly innovative. So, what’s on the pie?

The premises lie on Seventh Avenue South in the West Village.

The signature pie, called the 900 Degrees, features pulled pork in tamarind, pickled habaneros, fresh serranos, fresh cactus, agave nectar, queso fresca, and maybe some other substances we couldn’t identify. A full review will appear in Counter Culture on Wednesday.

900 Degrees
29 Seventh Avenue South

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