The Story Of This Weekend’s Governor’s Ball, Told In 35 Tweets


Australia was borne of the idea that it would be a holding pen for criminals, the unwanted and the insane, a dumping ground for human garbage. Govenor’s Ball, held this weekend on New York’s refurbished Governor’s Island, was more of a technicolor Alcatraz or a synth-laden Ellis Island. Droves arrived on these shores seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit to stand on line for hours.

A festival is a hard thing to cover. Moments are missed while standing on line for $5 waters or $24 meals; entire acts, while watching the members of Das Racist hooliganize the VIP area. Sometimes, other perspectives need to be counted on. As such, here is the narrative of the Governor’s Ball—the details small and large—as told by the Twitter-ers who were there.

@NewYorkology: Today’s Governors Island events include Army Heritage Day, RECESS badminton games and the @GovBallNYC music fest

@hxpe: On the ferry to #govball lots of neon sunnys [pic]

@ericajanes: Are facepainted neon mustaches a thing now?

@andreahong: “I don’t get it. Is this ’80s themed?” / “No, we’re just surrounded by hipsters”

@laurieortiz: Anywhere between five minutes and six days. #govball #ferrynightmare

@lizadarwin: Oh wait judging by the neon sunglasses, cut-offs, fringe and loud bros I’d say we found the right boat.

@Mplsnyc: Dear man in govball ferry line: why are you shoving your expensive nikon camera into a cape cod potato chip plastic bag?

@samuelbrand: Getting seasick w @DasRacist & @MacMiller

@bxmarks: More wayfarers than you can shake a stick at.

@SamFBiddle: I’d rather be going to this Virginian wedding than pay $100 to watch Passion Pit play an iTunes playlist on Governors Island

@Loomis3: battle of hilariously bad dancers #govball [pic]

@clearlynaomi: Oh lord, not sure I’m prepared for the rave

@amandaweisman: On a ferry to an island full of music and art… Um dream come true

@alexdao: Das racist told the crowd to boo a white guy wearing a native headdress. Awesome. #govball

@josette_rosee: Fuck porter pottys

@StGAdam: The problem with no overlapping is long periods of time where I don’t care to see anything

@ericajanes: “is this the line to get cash to wait on line to get beer?” -dude behind me in line

@kristinalustig: Just took Mac Miller’s meal ticket @govballnyc AWESOME I LOVE VOLUNTEERING @BigBoi are you gonna come eat in the catering tent?

@ericajanes: Just passed a girl shoving a bunch of blinking light balls down her shorts. #glowcrotch

@ms_slits: Rocking my neon yellow cambridge satchel bag and some girl said she loves it so much she wants to hug me. #governorsball #fashion

@babymurs: Just saw someone boot and run

@amburz28: My feet will never be clean again

@tonyreeder: @MacMiller just killed it at #governorsball Anyone still sleepin on this kid needs to wake up

@StGAdam: People Under the Stairs was the best performance so far

@Manzerd: Pretty Lights played his Nirvana/Radiohead/NIN remix, which was quite “dope” as the kids say.

@pan_v: #governorsball I demand a refund, this is a fiasco

@RySuss: Empire of the Sun is bizarre….

@hidden_track: The crowd is loving big boi…hot pink bra just went flying by

@sashahecht: Tooooooooo many awkward white boys onstage at Girl Talk right now.

@mymusicmission: Conclusion of @GovBallNYC @Empire0fTheSun was AMAZING and @therealgirltalk was disappointing. @rjd2 would have been a better choice

@sashahecht: Someone has started a dance party on this ferry complete with laptop and speakers.

@THECULTUREOFME: things learned at @govballnyc: leave an hour earlier than everyone else—escape unscathed by seething rage for the deaths of others.

@yknelly: “We were all just ragers and now we’re just ordinary fuckin people”—overheard on the subway #governorsball

@Ross_Sauce: Govball was sick, girl talk was sick, pretty lights was sick, open bar in VIP was sick. Today I feel sick. #worthit

@TylerCurtis: I never want to see another hipster again in my life. cc: @GovBallNYC