H&H Bagels Will Close Its Iconic Upper West Side Store


In yet another sign of the impending apocalypse, H&H Bagels will close tomorrow. Forever.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the bagel shop’s Broadway and 80th Street location, which opened in 1972, is closing, without any apparent explanation. The company’s store and baking plant on West 46th Street will continue to operate, but that’s cold comfort for the legions of Upper West Siders who have carbo-loaded there for almost four decades.

Although one employee told the paper that a rent increase was the culprit, H&H has not been without its internal troubles. In 2009, its owner, Helmer Toro, was arrested and indicted for withholding taxes and unemployment insurance tax evasion in connection with his wholesale and retail business. At the time of Toro’s arrest the government shut down H&H, but it reopened only a few hours later.

Trouble struck again this February, when Toro filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to prevent the company from being barred from its New Jersey manufacturing facilities. It looks like he wasn’t having much luck closer to home, either.