Liu Bolin, Chinese Contemporary Artist, Camouflaged Himself in the Houston St. Mural


Today, the Kenny Scharf mural on Houston and Bowery was transformed into a multimedia piece when Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflaged himself in the painting. Bolin’s performance was part of his ongoing series “Hiding In The City,” in which he paints himself so that he completely blends in with his surroundings and then someone photographs him. We walked down to the mural to see if we could spot Bolin, but we’re pretty sure he either wasn’t there, or his camouflaging is really, really good. DNAinfo had better luck and snapped some great shots of the artist at work. Oddity Central reports that Bolin intends the series as a protest against the Chinese government’s persecution of artists; in 2005, his studio was shut down. Speaking of Sharf’s mural, on Thursday, it will be replaced with a piece by the Inside Out Group called “Lakota, Dakota Nation.” [EV Grieve]