Petite Abeille Wants to Put Its Honey Where Its Mouth Is


Like seemingly everyone else these days, Petite Abeille wants to put an in-house spin on its food. But its ambitions are literally loftier than most.

The restaurant chainlet — its name is French for “little bee” — is planning to create a rooftop apiary to serve its four locations, DNAinfo reports. Petite Abeille’s owner, Yves Jadot, is working with Andrew Coté, the president of the New York City Beekeepers Association and owner of Andrew’s Local Honey, to find a suitable rooftop for the hive.

The two are interested in Stuyvesant Town as a possible location, thanks to its relatively bountiful foliage and proximity to one of Petite Abeille’s locations. And most importantly, it’s nowhere near a maraschino-cherry factory.