Rikers Island Forcing XXL Shirts on Scantily Clad Visitors; Leggings Don’t Count as Pants


Apparently the Rikers Island visiting rooms were getting “really gross” and “out of control” — including quickies in front of kids — when significant others would come to visit their “sex-starved” inmate loved-ones, leading to a strict new dress code. Now, the Daily News reports, women “spilling out of their tight tops, miniskirts or ripped jeans” get put into XXL neon green t-shirts like naughty high schoolers relegated into P.E. clothes for their sartorial crimes. “I have to wear what?” one visiting woman gasped. “You’re just trying to make me look bad in front of my man.”

The jail invested $5,000 in 800 of the giant, pocketless t-shirts, which along with stamping out sexual desire, address visitor outfit issues like tension-stoking gang colors or big pockets, used to smuggle in drugs or weapons.

Jewelry, other than wedding rings, has also been banned, as have nontraditional bottoms; leave to Rikers Island to bring down the final verdict: leggings are not pants, ladies.