Sad Sack Uncle Sam Stumbles Around Chinatown in New Beast Installation


Last month, the street artist Beast made the New York City subway map, usually a “limp dick,” into an erect penis thrilled over the death of Osama Bin Laden. Yesterday he was back at work with a new installation he calls “Sam & Fred & Mike & Tom & Jerry go to China,” which depicts a dilapidated version of Uncle Sam sulking and crawling around Chinatown. “Uncle Sam looks like a man defeated by the comparison with his own glorious past and the current Asian power, lost wandering the streets of Chinatown, and inquiring about his mistakes,” Beast told us. See more after the jump.

Uncle Sam is paired with quotations from famous American artists, musicians and icons, like Faith No More’s lyric, “Being good, it gets you stuff.”

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Update: Our own Roy Edroso helpfully points out that the artist’s rendering of Uncle Sam comes from a graphic novel by Steve Darnall and Alex Ross.