“Take Me By The Tongue” As A Come-On: Sexy Or Kinda Gross?


Well, “Moves Like Jagger,” the Voice-synergizing duet between Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera that raises the sexual specter of the Rolling Stones frontman while, some hope, making people forget about Aguilera’s overall pretty terrible 2010, has landed. It’s an uptempo track with a riff that sounds heavily inspired by “Long Train Running”; there’s also some loopy whistling to perhaps throw people off the “this thing sounds like that thing” scent that crops up so often with Maroon 5’s music. (They’re pretty OK as far as radio-ready lite-funk goes, but the strength of their songs has many times rested in how faithful and utterly pro their mimings of Hall & Oates, Cheap Trick, etc., etc., have been.) “Jagger” also has a curious come-on in its chorus—Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine instructs his lover to “take [him] by the tongue,” which, sure, the Rolling Stones have that logo, but first, ow, and second, that’s not the body part I think of first when conjuring up images of Mick Jagger’s mouth. I guess nothing really good rhymed with “Simmons”?

(I understand that the powers that be at her label wanted to cut bait on Bionic, but those Sia-penned ballads were actually really nice and “I Am” maybe could have been “Beautiful Mach II” if it was marketed right!)