The Best Looking New Restaurant In Town


Smack in the middle of Times Square is a wonder of lamps, projections, shrines, crystal hangings, and more white than at Justin Bieber‘s last dental visit.

It’s Qi, an ornate-looking Thai restaurant at 675 Eighth Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd streets), and the food is really good, too!

The other night, chef Pichet Ong brought over a tangy array of prawns, pork, salmon, and so on, all in rich and interesting sauces.

And the desserts! One with tamarind pudding was so good I was sure I’d died and gone to heaven — a fact confirmed by the ultra-white surroundings and angelically dressed waitstaff.

Ong told me he loves the Pacific Northeast because “you don’t question where the vegetables came from.”

I never question where anything’s from anyway — I just stuff it.

But on your way to your sustainable foods at Portland, stop first at Qi. (There’s a more modest one on 14th Street, too.)

But wear your shades and your knee pads.

It’s bright and laden with religious icons.