Tony Winner And I Act Out Suzanne Somers’ Poetry


My life is geting even kooky-crazier than before, with wild leaps from highbrow to lowbrow and back — and I love it!

Last night, I was in a Project Shaw reading of George Bernard Shaw’s Getting Married, starring names like Emily Skinner, Andrea Marcovicci, and Cady Huffman, the Tony winner from The Producers who’s also known for Iron Chef America.

Cady mentioned backstage that she’s read Suzanne Somers‘s poems in the “Celebrity Autobiography” show — and with that, I pulled two separate editions of that very poetry book out of my bag!

I’d like to say I carry them around at all times, but the truth is that later that night I was heading to Pieces bar, where I was set to read one of Somers’s works during Tallulah de Bayous‘ last Too Ugly for TV show before moving back down South.

So in the green room at the Players Club, for a handful of our lucky Shavian co-stars, Cady and I read in tandem:

“‘Lies’ by Suzanne Somers:

“I have lied to you/A thousand times/Reshaped the truth/To keep you close …

“Last night I lied to you/In silence/With my hands, my mouth, my caress

“The worst lie of all …

“Because before/I only lied with words.”

And then we went out and did George Bernard Shaw.

And then I went to Pieces and read Suzanne again.