VillageVines Finally Gets a Food-Related Name, Now Called Savored


VillageVines, the online restaurant discount site that sounds vaguely like the bottle of $3 Chardonnay found in the back of Grandma’s cupboard, has undergone a makeover and now finally has a name that sounds like it’s at least related to food. It’ll now be called Savored. And with a nicer name comes nationwide expansion!

Savored — which already serves the New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. markets — will now be adding Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Miami, and Philadelphia to its list of cities.

In a release detailing the change, the company proclaims that Savored is unique in that it has “proven to be the only deal site able to work with the highest echelon of restaurants.” Seems a little hyperbolic, given the restaurants featured on Gilt City, but hey, why sell yourself short?

In any event, the site’s new look clearly beats out the 1.0 site. It’s created a partnership with Zagat, which is also interesting. But only time will tell if it emerges to beat out the discount competition. Which now even include gay-centric sites like The Daily Hookup.