Brian Williams for President Campaign Trying to Get the Attention of Brian Williams


Remember Brian Williams, the dashingly handsome evening news anchor who is all sorts of cynical-funny and made some jokes about Brooklyn a couple of times? Well, there are people who like him, like him a lot. And some of them want him to run for president. According to “campaign manager” Eric Cunningham, who started the Brian Williams for President, Please? effort, this was done because Williams is “such an awesome guy” and, basically, “the Michael Jordan of news.”

Cunningham says, “the website is up, as are the three campaign ads, posters and volunteer sign-up forms.” This week the “six full-time campaign staffers” will be working to boost Brian Williams’ awareness that their campaign exists. Cunningham explains, “Our spirits are fuller than our wallets right now, so campaigning is mainly things like hitting up call-in radio programs and trying to get a ‘BriWi for President’ sign on the Today Show. But our numbers are growing and the response online has been great — people really, truly love that guy!”

Cunningham told us, “We came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago after one of us sent out a ‘You guys gotta see this’ email on Brian Williams’ video on hipsters in Brooklyn, which is hilarious. And then that led to someone else looping in more known BriWi fans and sending out Hulu clips of his stuff on 30 Rock. And then SNL, and then and Jimmy Fallon. Finally we realized — there’s something different about Brian Williams. All the appearances on these shows are just symptoms of a nationwide, full-on Brian-Williams-fever. We need him. So if he isn’t gonna campaign himself, we have an obligation to step in and do it until he heeds the call. Same thing happened to George Washington, so, there’s precedent for this turning out great.”

Politically, the group is nonpartisan and united in the appreciation of Brian Williams. There will be a campaign rally on Saturday, July 16. As Cunningham said, “We’re doing all we can to let him know that there are throngs of people out there who want him in the White House someday. It’ll be tough to see him leave New York and move to Washington, but the city will just have to take one for the team.” Here’s one of their ads.