Britney Spears Is Anti-Media, Pro-Kicking Butt In Her New Video


Britney Spears gets to show off her comedic chops in the clip for “I Wanna Go,” in which her supporting cast is a bunch of droid paparazzi, an inexplicably milk-doused Guillermo Diaz, a bunch of dogs and babies whose mouths are manipulated into whistling (creepy!) and a police officer who looks disturbingly like early-stage Kevin Federline (hey, we all have types). As she did in the “Piece Of Me” clip, Spears takes on her antagonists in the media here, telling a bunch of reporters asking her inappropriate questions to fuck off (yay, being almost-30!) before embarking on her mini-reign of terror around a New York City backlot; she also flashes a kid and tries to use a long-corded microphone as her weapon against those members of the media who might try to get in her way. (Judging by her manager’s screeds against those writers who even mildly criticize her these days, this is probably the hope of many people in her camp.) Clip below.