High Schoolers Banned From Graduation: Pranks, Water Balloons and Lightsabers, Oh My!


It’s the end of the school year and kids everywhere are hyper! Last night came a report that a handful of seniors at Long Island’s East Rockaway High School have been banned from attending graduation and prom because they participated in a water balloon fight outside, where they hit the principal, assistant principal and a crossing guard, in addition to one another. The water balloon fight had been a tradition at the school, never a punishable offense, they claim, but kids were warned not to do it this year. Two students hit administrators anyway, and now 20 are being punished. “Kids are kids. You know, to ban them from graduation, I think is ridiculous,” said one angry dad. He may have a point! “Kids are kids” is an epidemic.

“Banned from graduation” happens every year for a variety of stupid reasons.

In 2011, in addition to the Long Island Water Balloon Gang, there’s the Danbury High School food fight crew, the North Carolina offending Facebook post, the lunchroom lightsaber duel (!) and the humorless (and more inexcusable) plain old boring vandals.

Last year’s banned class, just to name two, included a girl who was late to school one time and the decorated cars driving on a closed road.

To the administrators nationwide: thanks for living up to high school movie cliches, but with more militancy.

To the delinquent students: go ahead and apologize to your parents, but graduation is boring as hell anyway.