It’s Easy Being Green When You’re Eating Dim Sum Go Go’s Pea Shoots


Quite often when it comes to cooking, the tastiest food is the simplest available: a juicy ripe peach in the heat of summer, a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce, a plain steak thrown on the grill. And this holds true when it comes to seasonal veggies, too. So after stuffing ourselves with dumplings at Dim Sum Go Go recently, all we really wanted was a big plate of greens. And the restaurant’s dou miao, or pea shoots, did just the trick.

Pea shoots are available either as large shoots or small ones, with the large ones being better for stir-frying. Unfortunately, the large ones tend to be more expensive than their petite counterpart, and the dish doesn’t come cheap, clocking in at $16.95. That said, it’s easily enough to share among three or four people, provided you have another dish or two in the mix.

And, simply put, this was the best plate of our afternoon of eating — and we’ve never met a dumpling we didn’t like. The verdant pea shoots were remarkably fresh, sautéed with just a hint of garlic but not so much that the spring pea flavor couldn’t shine through. In fact, all of us decided that these were some of the best sautéed pea shoots we’ve had in recent memory. Pea season is ending soon, though, so make sure to eat these babies while you still can. See, it’s easy being green.