Mo Pitkin’s to Go Southern With Piney Woods


Well, so much for Pacific Coast-style Mexican cuisine on Avenue A. After CB3 nixed their plans to turn the former Mo Pitkin’s space into a Mexican restaurant and avant-garde music club, Todd Patrick and Phil Hartman are in the mood for something a little more southern.

As Eater reports, the pair appeared at last night’s CB3 meeting to make the case for Piney Woods, a southern “meat ‘n’ three” restaurant and local music club named after a region of East Texas. But despite the presence of artists and community members who attested to the integrity of both Patrick and Hartman, many of the meeting’s attendees spoke out against another liquor license on Avenue A. The committee was split in its decision, and the matter will now be decided by a full board vote.

Interestingly, the board did approve the beer and wine application for East 4th Street’s JujoMukti Tea Lounge, which is also in a resolution area. That decision was made after some of the café’s patrons testified to its “uniquely diverse presence and focus on a nurturing lifestyle.” The board’s decision signaled its recognition that alcohol — for better or worse — has become crucial for the survival of many local food and drink establishments. While it’s difficult to imagine JujoMukti’s clientele doing keg stands, one would hope that the board sees fit to “nurture” local musicians, too.