NYC Cocaine Could Rot Your Skin Off


A new scientific report notes that most of the cocaine in the United States is “adulterated” with levamisole, which is used to de-worm livestock, and can cause people’s skin to rot right off. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reports that, “Up to 70% of cocaine in the United States could be contaminated.” They looked back at patients whose skin was dried and rotting on the face, ears and body, and though they did not test for the chemical, “We believe this case series may represent the tip of the iceberg as a looming public health problem caused by levamisole.” Dirty coke: now with results you can see!

Cocaine in New York and Los Angeles was the focus of the study, which a dermatologist co-author calls “very alarming.” Canada, New Mexico, Delaware and Washington have all “issued warnings about the dangers of tainted blow,” the Daily News reports.

Another co-author of the paper explained, “In one of the more interesting ones, the patient used cocaine again and developed the same skin reaction again.” But! “He then switched drug dealers, and the problem cleared up.” Fool me once, fool me twice and always have a back-up.