The Observer Names The 50 Most Powerful Gays In NYC


A reporter from that other weekly paper recently called me, and in the course of the conversation, he asked if I’d be amenable to being on the list.

I replied, “Sure, I love being on lists.”

But then he got to work trying to pick my brain about which real estate agents, lawyers, and entrepreneurs should be placed there.

I started sensing my place in all this.

And I wasn’t surprised. The Observer has always tended to treat me like a decaying rodent (which in fact I am!).

Oh, well.

At least I’m on the Out 100. And “25 Most Powerful Gays in New York.” And on and on.

I’m listing all the lists I’m on.

And I’m in good company being left out of theirs.

Also omitted were people like the Times theater critics, the Sirius OutQ gang, Anderson Cooper, huge gay bloggers like JoeMyGod and Andy Towle, Gawker folk (like Brian Moylan), nightlife legends like Amanda Lepore, Erich Conrad, Mickey Boardman, and many more.

Congrats to those that made the cut — and die, bitches!