Come On Obama! Back Gay Marriage Again!


You did so when you were on the way up.

Well, now that you’re as high on the power ladder as a person can get and you can really make a difference, especially as the matter is being debated in the New York state Legislature as we speak, you’re finally taking a stand again can actually turn heads and make history.

Besides, it will catch you up with the American populace, which has been shown in poll after poll to be OK with same-sex marriage.

Shouldn’t you have been ahead of them when it comes to civil liberties, not the other way around?

The Washington Blade details the pressure on you to toddle over into the light and stand up for what’s right.

The piece reminds us that you were for same-sex marriage when running for Illinois senator, but later on, you decided you were against it (but in favor of civil unions).

And in one more flip-flop, you conceded last year that you might “evolve” on the issue.

Well, you’ve had enough time to evolve already.

Stop hinting and procrastinating and just say what you really feel — you know, that all Americans deserve equal rights, without any exceptions or maybes.

After all, that’s how you felt when you originally thought gay marriage was a “duh.”

That’s how you felt when you acted decisively against DADT and DOMA.

So say yes to SSM!

Call it marital equality — or call it tofu, for that matter — just approve of it. You know you want to.

And since you’re all about timing, this would be the perfect moment to do it. The Gay Pride parade happens to be on Sunday.

Speaking of timing, three activist groups have organized to protest outside today’s LGBT fundraiser for you (which you’re attending) at the Sheraton.

Here’s your chance to speak out!

P.S.: Thanks to reporter Rex Wockner for the tip on the Blade piece.