David Laffer, Long Island Pill Killer, Murdered Four For His Wife’s Drugs


The killing over the weekend of four people at a Long Island pharmacy was all to steal painkillers, which the suspected gunman David Laffer’s wife says were for her. “He was doing it because he lost his job and I was sick,” she said as she was moved from a Suffolk County police station yesterday. “I’m sorry that he did all of this.” Melissa Laffer has been charged with third-degree robbery, while her husband David, an Army veteran, faces first-degree murder charges. David recently lost his job for stealing, and his health care went with it. “She was saying frantically, ‘I need my pills! I need my pills!’ She was acting like a complete drug addict,” said a friend.

Meanwhile, families of the deceased are grieving and the New York Post, shameless as ever, is soaking up the anger. “I wish they’d shot him from the ankles up and put four bullets in his head,” said the grandmother of one victim at a memorial outside of Haven Drugs in Medford, where the shooting occurred.

“It doesn’t bring closure; it doesn’t bring my sister back,” another family member added of the arrest and impending punishment. “I think for every life he took that’s the sentence he should serve. Or he should get solitary confinement.”