Food Freaks to Feed New York Yet More Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Does New York have the appetite for yet another business peddling artisanally pimped-out grilled cheese sandwiches? Food Freaks Grilled Cheese certainly hopes so.

Yesterday, the NYC Parks Department gathered all of its new food vendors in Central Park and invited a bunch of folks to taste what they had to offer. Among the cheddar-truffle pretzels, dosas, organic ice cream, and high-minded slushies, Gothamist discovered Food Freaks, a new fancy grilled cheese cart that is scheduled open in Fort Greene Park in July. The work of a blogger and two culinary-school grads, it offers predictably high-minded combinations; Gothamist sampled a braised short rib, blackberry jam, and gruyère on sourdough, and pronounced it “delicious.”

Food Freaks’ website is a bit more florid in its self-adulation: Their cart, they write, “delivers a gustatory epiphany destined to please palates, titillate taste buds and satiate stomachs from all five boroughs.” Is that all?

No! Quoth the Freak: “Our tasty technicolor journey takes you forward to a time in which a ‘grillz’ can be braised short ribs, gruyere, pickled red onions and blackberry jam on perfectly toasted white bread. Or fresh mozzarella, fresh ricotta, sopressata — all imported from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx — with a red pepper mostarda. Or a chicken parmesan grilled cheese.” That’s all well and good, but since when did the Bronx qualify as a foreign land from which one “imports” ingredients to Brooklyn? And can we please all agree that “grillz” has no place anywhere near food, or the English lexicon?

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