Joseph Brooks, Accused Rapist Who Committed Suicide, Leaves $250K to Personal Trainer


Whenever you say to yourself, “this can’t possibly get worse,” remind yourself that it can. And usually it does. In the twisted case of the Brooks family — Dad, Joseph, who won an Academy Award for “You Light Up My Life,” recently killed himself while facing charges of raping or molesting 13 starlets; meanwhile, his son, Nicholas, reportedly considers a plea deal in the murder of his girlfriend Sylvie Cachay — it has gotten, yet again, more twisted and dark. Brooks left his four kids nothing in his will, instead giving “up to a quarter-million dollars to young Upper East Side personal trainer Danielle Radosti, described in his will as a ‘friend,'” reports the New York Post.

Of course, Radosti, who is 30, married, and trained Brooks at The Sports Club/LA on East 61st, may never see a cent of the money due to legal issues involving Brooks’ alleged crimes and the murder charges against Nicholas. Radosti’s husband is the person who found Brooks dead last month, and the couple says he was “like a grandfather.”

As for the people to whom he was an actual father, via the Post,

The will noted that he “has deliberately made no provisions under this trust agreement for his daughters Amanda Brooks and Gabrielle E. Brooks or his sons Nicholas Brooks and Jeffrey Brooks.”

Sylvie Cachay’s family plans to go after Nicholas’ assets; previous legal action between Nicholas and his father may give him claim to some of the money left to Radosti. In any case, don’t expect this legal battle to end (or things to “get better”) anytime soon.

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