Justin Bieber Attack at NYC Macy’s Caught on Video


At his New York City appearance today, Justin Bieber “decided to go outside of the store to acknowledge the fans that could not come inside to the event,” ABC News reports, only to be attacked by “an unidentified man.” Some lucky videographers (with NSFW mouths!) were taking in the scene from a high window across the street and even from above the tween screams were deafening. Then it got wild! If you look closely around the 21-second mark, you can make out a shift in the action as police run to rescue Bieber from the crazed “old man,” as Bieber reportedly starts swinging to fight back. ABC says Bieber is okay, but “shaken up” — human contact can be hard for a robot.

Update: And the details slowly start to come out! My Fox NY reports:

A witness reported Bieber saying, “What? What?” as the man, who was screaming, tackled him. Security men quickly grabbed the man and the NYPD reportedly took the man away.

Good question.

We’ll update if any more info (or high-quality video) becomes available.

Update 2: Or… this could all just be a big misunderstanding. TMZ:

Bieber was signing autographs outside of Macy’s when the crowd became unruly … and a plainclothes police officer rushed to help the singer.

Problem is — Bieber didn’t know the guy was a cop — so when the cop got close to Justin … Bieber got defensive thinking he was a crazy fan. A member of Bieber’s security team immediately grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away.

The cop quickly identified himself — and cited the security team member for disorderly conduct.

And the descent into kid-famous, life-ruining paranoia may just be beginning.