Nik Wallenda, Brave Soul, Approved to Cross Niagara Falls by Tightrope


As the legislation session in Albany grinds on, and with the gay marriage vote still undecided, New York lawmakers approved Nik Wallenda of the storied Flying Wallendas to traverse Niagara Falls via tightrope. “I’m thrilled to death … It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Wallenda, who would be the first person in more than 150 years to walk at Niagara and the first to go directly over the falls, he claims. The trip is about 2,200 feet long at about 200 feet high. Wallenda says he will pay all of the expenses, but still needs the approval of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Office of Parks. “This is what people want to see,” said the Republican state senator who sponsored the bill. Also, marriage equality. Focus! [Buffalo News]