Real Housewives Reunion Drama!


At Gawker’s “Summer of Love” rooftop party last night to benefit the Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation, there was some of my beloved non-lovin’ in the air.

Real Housewives of NYC‘s Alex McCord told me, “I just came from a 12-hour reunion taping of the show.”

“The whole thing was like a cage match,” she said.

“Ooh, lots of TV conflict?” I cooed. “But you’re not a fighter, unless provoked, right?” I added, totally faking it. (I don’t watch TV except cable news and reruns, remember?)

“If I’m provoked, watch out,” replied Alex. “I had a lot to say and to get off my chest!”

At that point, along came Sonja Morgan, who was fuming like a haystack, too.

How was the taping, pray tell?

“Horrible!” Sonja boomed. “I had to defend everyone and people were attacking me.

“Kelly said my house is dirty and disorganized!

“You don’t say that to someone when they’re going through a divorce and a lawsuit and …”


“I’m going to get a beer.”

And suddenly it was the summer of love again.