Thanks to the Police, the Treats Truck Has Left Midtown “For the Time Being”


Back in 2007, the Treats Truck became the first of the new-wave “gourmet” food trucks to hit Midtown. And now it’s the first to have been forced out.

Kim Ima, better known as the Treats Truck Lady, wrote in to Midtown Lunch with the sad news that the truck “will not be midtown for the time being. The police have let us know that they no longer want food trucks in the midtown area.” Ima “hope[s] to be back when it is allowed.”

Which begs the question: When who allows it? The police? The brick-and-mortar shopkeepers who keep calling the police? Jessica Lappin? On the face of it, it looks like the Treats Truck is a victim of the success of the movement it helped to create — the growing abundance of food trucks, as has been noted, has incurred a predictable backlash. And that backlash has in turn incurred casualties. But almost no one could have predicted that the Treats Truck, beloved by sugar freaks and beat cops alike, would have been the first, and we can only say in response that this sucks.