Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Places to Eat in NYC on Gay Pride Weekend


Hmmm, Bone Lick B-B-Q — the name and location are right, but will it score high on the other criteria?

This being the week of Fork in the Road’s Big Gay Food Blog, there was really no other choice for Our 10 Best than ferreting out the optimum places near the parade march route to eat brunch, lunch, dinner, and a post-midnight snack on that most important of weekends.


The criteria were relatively simple: The place must be LGBT-friendly in a big, big way; it must be near or on the route, which runs from the frontier of Hell’s Kitchen to the West Village; and the food must be excellent, but not too fussy or expensive.

So join us bright and early tomorrow morning, when we’ll reveal our top 10, in ranked order. Some take reservations, while others don’t, but be prepared to reach for your phone and make one, stand in line for a while (a good time to get to know your fellow marchers), or go at a time when the place is partly empty. Because nearly every place along the route will be mobbed at one moment or another during the weekend, you’ll need a bit of luck, too.