99-Year-Old Man Finally Meets Right Woman, Settles Down


Ladies, just because your man won’t commit now doesn’t mean that’s forever. Gilbert Herrick, who is 99 years old and a World War II veteran, finally married for the first time in his life after meeting Virginia Hartman-Herrick, a youthful 86-year-old he met at Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester, New York. He said, “I never met the right woman until I met Virginia.” Their philosophy: do the things that make you happy, pass a lot of love notes but tear them up before anyone else can see them, and get married so you can live in the same room. “You can’t do that here unless you are married,” said Gilbert. “So she asked me, and I said yes.” And that’s basically how it goes. (Kudos to the bride for wearing red.) [Democrat & Chronicle via NBC NY]