Ask the Critics: Where Can I Get Veal Cordon Bleu?


Melanie M. Asks: I’m living in New York as an exchange student from Geneva and I miss my Swiss cuisine from home! Do you know of any restaurants where I can find veal cordon bleu?

Dear Melanie: While chicken cordon bleu is a relatively common (though somewhat passé) dish, I can’t recall ever having sampled veal cordon bleu, or, for that matter, seeing it much on menus. But I did some research and found you a couple spots around town that feature your beloved dish of breaded veal stuffed with ham and cheese!

I first checked at the more well-known Swiss restaurants around town — and there aren’t many to speak of! But alas, they didn’t carry the dish at Heartbreak, Trestle on Tenth, Swizz (though they had the chicken option), and Café Select (ditto). But I ventured forth!

I actually found the dish at a quasi-Swiss joint in Midtown, Maria’s Mont Blanc Restaurant, which offers a version for $22, plus “Zurich-style veal,” should you also be craving that. Tribeca Austrian restaurant Blaue Gans also serves a fancy schnitzel version for $30 that’s served with lingonberries and parsleyed potatoes. And Gramercy red sauce joint Il Forno offers a slightly Italianized version for an inexpensive $12.25.

Hopefully one of these versions will give you a little taste of home. Let us know what you think!