Barack Obama in NYC: Big Bucks or Bust?


At last night’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Gala at the Manhattan Sheraton, President Obama carefully addressed our ongoing legislative fight for marriage equality, but that’s not exactly why he was in town. Obama “was expected to rake in nearly $4 million on the night — a flexing of fund-raising muscle unmatched by his many Republican foes,” the Daily News reports. (A spot at the table ran donors $35,800 each.) Other phrases used to describe his donation haul locally: “gold rush,” “buck-raking,” “$1 billion war chest,” and “New York as a political ATM.” The New York Post, on the other hand, reports that Obama got the “Cold $houlder,” from “lackluster donors tired of being taken for granted,” plus “some pointed no-shows” illustrating his “dwindling popularity” among bankers. Spot the liberal media bias! [NYDN, NYP]