Classic Controversial Ivory Snow Commercial


I just appeared in a George Bernard Shaw play with Andrea Marcovicci, the acclaimed singer/actress!

And in the course of chitchat, Andrea reminded me that she starred in a controversial Ivory Snow commercial several decades ago.

In between rehearsal and showtime, I frantically looked it up on YouTube.

In the ad, Marcovicci plays a young woman who got married at 17 and had a baby at 18.

Mama fiercely disapproved–in fact she “had a fit”–not thinking her daughter ready for such grownup responsibility.

But she finally came around to thinking daughter knows best when Andrea started using the incredible Ivory Snow on the baby’s diapers!

The message is clearly that having a baby in your teens may be wildly controversial, but if you use the right detergent, you’ll be AOK.

Two points of interest here:

1) The commercial was promptly yanked because it was way too scandalous.

2) Andrea does an upper-crusty accent in it, and told me that when she re-viewed the clip, “I wondered, ‘What was that accent I was doing?’ Then I realized: Katharine Hepburn!”

See if you agree.

And please don’t have babies at 18!