Comments of the Week: Village Voice T-Shirt Giveaway, Round Three!


Because we love you, we’re back to give you t-shirts for your insightful and inane comments. We’re on the third week of our t-shirt giveaway, so if you happen to be one of the lucky reader whose comment was selected, don’t forget to email our web editor Francesca Stabile to claim your prize. They are comfy!

Most Informative

On “Scientology Video Surfaces To Chase Away Your Case of the Mondays!” we got some extra information from Markfisher57 who told us that he was in the Scientology singalong we posted:

I remember that it was done for one of the events and I think it was IAS anniversary event that was going to be in October. It may have been for an earlier event. It was done to show all the “Wins” and “successes for the year and the song was sung by a Scientologist singer named David Pomeranz. Charles Lake is the Gymnast and had just been on the Olympic team that summer that is why I think it was for the IAS event in October. I remember that the idea was to have all of International Management sing the chorus ala We are the World and DM thought the Scientology public would get a big kick out of it. All of the RTC Inspector Generals were in the front with DM and his wife Shelly and the Executive Director International Guillaume Leserve was there too. Then behind was the rest of RTC and the Watchdog Committee. I recognize many faces in the crowd. We recorded it in the Music Studio at the Gold Base and we are all looking at Peter Schless who is conducting the singing. Schless was a Gold Musician and his prior claim to fame was co writing the Jefferey Osbourne hit song “On the Wings of Love” from the 1980s. Me personally, I had just been put back working for David Miscavige again after a stint of manual labor for disagreeing with my wife being sent to the RPF. I however shortly after this video blew the base for good after 2 attempts. Almost 21 years ago.

Most Revealing

On “Parents of Some Teens Now Think It’s Cool for Them to Have Sex at Home,” John told us about his first time: “The first sex I had was in my parents house with my parents up stairs sleeping. It wasn’t like they were in the same room or we told them what we were doing. I’m pretty sure most people have sex for the first time in one of the participants parents houses.”

Most Well-Intentioned

On “City Living Stresses Your Brain Out” ibivi tried to help us out by writing, “Reduce stimuli. Seek out quiet places to rest. Slow down. Meditate. Wear ear plugs to mute noise. We are assaulted by noise on a constant basis. Smog is also a common irritant. Wear a mask if it bothers you or while riding a bike. Simply your life. Don’t multitask. Reduce stress. Take care of yourself.”

Most Nonsensical

On “Baby Plus Kitten: Most Adorable YouTube Combo Ever?” Silly Wabbit wrote: “Repugnant!” We assume you (or hope) were trying to be ironic, but is irony even possible in the face of this video?

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