Counter Will Serve Its Lentil Meat Loaf Until the End of July


Much to the delight of the downtown vegetarian population, Counter is still open, despite its owner’s announcement that the restaurant would close in February to make way for the second outpost of Alex Stupak’s Empellon. So what gives?

Counter’s owner, Deborah Gavito, told Gothamist that city bureaucracy is to blame: She’s still waiting for Stupak to get his liquor license, which should happen in the next four to six weeks. This means that Counter, Gavito said, will be open until the end of July. So get that lentil meat loaf while you can.

Stupak subsequently told Eater that he’s planning to open the restaurant this winter. The reason, he explained, is because “we need to build another kitchen that can hold a new set of ideas. I love the direction that I’ve chosen but I also want to embrace the way I’ve cooked in the past and hopefully combine the two in a completely relaxed and personal setting.” Will that setting include a mural resembling intestines on fire? Dare to dream.