DBGB Hops on the Ice Cream Bandwagon


Having heard, perhaps, of the many new frozen treats this summer has brought us, DBGB is introducing a few of its own.

Beginning next week, the restaurant will offer sundaes on its lunch and dinner menus every Monday for the rest of the summer. Which is nice. Not as nice is the fact that you have to order a main course first — obviously no one at DBGB got the memo that some of us consider ice cream to be a main course. Thanks, Mom.

In any case, pastry chef Mymi Eberhardt is changing her flavors each month, but for the next few weeks, here’s what you can expect:

Strawberry Mango — passion-fruit sorbet, strawberries, mango, sesame tuile, citrus crumble, and whipped cream

Cherry Chocolate — vanilla marshmallow, brownies, chocolate fudge, kriek-braised cherries, and whipped cream

Lemon Pistachio — honey meringue, confit lemon zest, olive-oil cake, candied pistachio, and whipped cream