Equinox Gym Trainers to Get Tighter Tops


Lest you take fitness tips from a human being, the New York-based, luxury gym Equinox will require its trainers to turn in their “boxy, cotton t-shirts that make it impossible to tell if there is a six-pack or a muffin-top underneath” in favor of “form-fitting tops” by Sugoi starting in September. The change was announced to staff via email, according to one trainer. “The email told us we should use the next few weeks to get in shape, since the new shirts won’t look good if there is flab hanging out all over the place,” he told Well and Good NYC. With Google in on the body-shaming too, there’s nowhere left in this city to hide imperfections — neither behind a computer nor under a t-shirt — so we might as well all move back to Montana.