Jonathan Thomas, 19, Busted in ‘Freaky Friday’ House Party Shootings in East New York


Brooklyn teen Jonathan Thomas has been charged with murder in the “Freaky Friday” house party shootings last weekend in East New York. Thomas, 19, is accused of killing Donzell “Zelly” Rogers, 20, who was apparently just a bystander at the party. Cops have said the Very Crispy Gangsters, a crew operating out of the Fiorentino projects in East New York, was likely involved in the mayhem, in which at least 20 rounds were sprayed into a crowd by a crazed, stupid gunman. At least five others were wounded.

The Daily News‘s Joe Kemp reports that NYPD sources say no one else but Thomas is expected to be charged with the murder.

The Post‘s Georgett Roberts and Kevin Sheehan laid out on June 19 a riveting account of the violence, which was pretty extreme even by East New York standards:

The mayhem began when two men with a long-simmering feud bumped into each other on a staircase. One of the eventual gunmen intervened and was sucker-punched, [28-year-old witness Dennis] Fitzgerald said.

He was sent flying into Fitzgerald and others in the tightly packed party house.

“I threw him off me. He fell on people and regained his balance, and he spun around and pulled the gun out,” Fitzgerald said. “Then he waved it in a circle in the air, and then he let it off.”

The armed madman then fired at random as he made his way to the back yard, leaving behind a trail of wailing, begging and stampeding partygoers.

All this went down at about 3:15 a.m., in front of 325 Wyona Street. The Post‘s chilling account continues:

Rogers, who has a 1-year-old son, “looked like a fish out of water,” said Fitzgerald. “His body was jumping. He seemed to be trying to find some air.”

Fitzgerald said the house turned into a “stadium of death” as frightened partygoers frantically fled the cross hairs of the enraged gunmen. Some even left their shoes behind.

The bullets were still flying when cops showed up at the grisly scene. In all, around 20 shots were fired.

The Very Crispy Gangsters are as moronic as their name. Last September, a 10-year-old boy watching cartoons in his East New York apartment was struck and almost killed by a bullet that flew in through a window. Cops said at the time that the gunfire was part of a turf war involving the gang of young cretins with the stupid name.